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Vechta: Bellany sends son to licensing

Five sons of our stallions have been admitted to the Oldenburg stallion pre-selection for the licensing in Ankum in January 2024, including a son from the first crop of our Bellany.

  • Black stallion by Bellany - Finest, breeder: ZG Stickamp & Drüe

  • Dark chestnut by Bon Courage - Quaterback , breeder: Roland Wuenschel

  • Black or brown by Dante Weltino - Don Schufro, breeder: Franz Albers

  • Black or brown by For Romance I - Depardieu, breeder: Heinrich Werner Meyer

  • Black stallion by For Romance I - Desperado, B./B.: HP horses Aps

We keep our fingers crossed!

Photo: / Becker


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