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The dressage horse performance center Lodbergen was founded in 2008 on the initiative of the circle of friends around the successful Oldenburg breeder and stallion ownerHarli Seifert  newly established. For this purpose, the former stallion station in Lodbergen was converted and expanded into a highly modern training center with an attached EU insemination station. 

If you are looking for a well-bred, species-appropriate and excellently trained riding horse for the highest demands or the right top stallion for your broodmare - you will find it at the Lodbergen Dressage Horse Performance Center!


Training center Lodbergen

Under the direction of Therese Nilshagen and Wolfgang Stagge, outstanding horses are carefully nurtured according to their talents and offered for sale at the dressage horse performance center in Lodbergen.

A well-equipped training center is available for this purpose. The extremely spacious facility in Lodbergen, which was completely modernized in 2009, offers horses and riders every imaginable comfort:

  • Riding hall 20 x 55 m

  • 2 quarantine boxes

  • 32 boxes for training and sales horses

  • two outdoor courts 34 x 74 m and 20 x 60 m

  • 2 washing boxes

  • solarium

  • 6 year-round paddocks

  • 50 hectares of pasture land

  • Oval horse walker for 7 horses

  • Individual feeding of the horses (6 times a day)

EU insemination station Lodbergen

Professional management and a lot of experience characterize the work of the EU insemination station (D-KBP 101-WG) in the dressage horse performance center in Lodbergen.

In the service of the breeders, the semen from their own lot of stallions is optimally processed here and transported as quickly as possible.

In addition to the sporting bringing out of the stallions, Lodbergen also attaches great importance to their horse-friendly accommodation. Daily grazing is a matter of course.

  • 9 stallion boxes

  • 2 quarantine boxes

  • 2 washing boxes

  • solarium

  • 5 year-round paddocks

  • Modern equipped insemination laboratory

  • Jump room with height-adjustable phantom



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