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Rubin Royal OLD


"Ruby Royal is aEvergreen. His descendants have made him a millionaire by profit."

Wolfgang Stagge, manager of the DLZ


*1996, Oldenburg, 170 cm

Breeder: Harli Seifert, Löningen

Owner: DLZ Lodbergen



2003 licensing in Vechta by Oldenburg

(1st reserve winner)

Approved for:

DSP, Hann., Holst., Oldbg., Rhld., SUI, Westf.

WFFS negative

Insemination fee:
TG fee per insemination unit: 1.000 euros*

*plus the legal VAT

Internationally successful at Grand Prix level, Rubin Royal OLD was one of the ten best dressage sires in the world according to the WBFSH ranking and even took second place in 2017 and 2018.

He was the sire of over 30 licensed stallions. Many of his offspring have been successful at Grand Prix level and even at championship level.

Rubin Royal OLD comes from the mating of the elite mare Rumirell times Rohdiamant, which produced a total of six licensed full brothers.


The famous Seifert Rudilore line has produced over 25 licensed stallions and numerous top horses.

Offspring of Rubin Royal OLD

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