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Schenefeld: Dante Alighieri OLD successful

Donja KWG also placed at the Schenefeld summer tournament.

The nine-year-old Dante Weltino OLD son Dante Alighieri OLD (breeder: Franz-Josef Bolte) and his rider Boaventura Francisco Freire/POR took second place in the advanced (S*) level dressage test for seven to nine-year-old horses with almost 73 percent.

The pair then took second place again in the Young Horse Dressage Trophy, an advanced (S*) level dressage test.

Greta Heemsoth and the eleven-year-old Swiss mare Donja KWG by For Romance I OLD (breeder: Walter Kunz) placed seventh in the advanced (S*) level dressage test, the qualifier for the Nordic Grand Prix Dressage Trophy.

The pair also placed seventh in the final.

Donja KWG and Greta Heemsoth. Photo:


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